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Heart’s Work

Nancy Coyne, M.D. Board certified Psychiatrist Epona Approved Advanced instructor

I work with people who suffer from stress, loneliness, anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma and/or addiction. We work together to identify old dysfunctional patterns and explore and practice more lively and joyful ways to live. We practice setting boundaries with self-assurance and effectiveness. We access your innate wisdom and creativity so you can learn to listen better to your intuition. We use meditation and yoga to help slow down and quiet the mind in these fast and troubled times. I have a limited office practice. My specialty is intensive short term therapy workshops called HAY – Horses, Art and Yoga.

Horses intensify and mirror our emotions, helping us to connect to our bodies, each other and nature. Natural yoga. With horses we practice earning trust, observing boundaries, and increasing tolerance for vulnerability. We activate body sensation, intuition and focus. Through creative process – writing, painting and playing outdoors with horses, we recapture our liveliness.

HAY (Horses Art and Yoga) is experiential, extending the reach of conventional therapy, utilizing yoga to calm the nervous system. (Recent brain studies confirm what ancient healers knew.) HAY integrates individual and group therapy with horseplay, for more peace, connection and meaning. A HAY workshop is a good way to deepen your ongoing therapy.

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My Horses, My Healers – workshop commentary

The workshop was a truly beautiful experience and has made a huge impact on my own personal healing journey and also on my relationship with my horse. I have cried a river in my lifetime but those minutes I spent with that lovely brown and white horse shifted something in me that no therapist seems capable of. It was also knowing that I had the beautiful support of you and the others. But there was even more than that, a certain magic came from that moment. I can’t even explain it. Thank you so much for your time, your teachings, your patience and most of all your love. I hope that you return to WA soon. — Anonymous