Farmers Market

Apr 25 – – 10-1 – Patagonia’s Farmers MarketPatagonia has a farmers market every Thursday from 10- noon or 1 in front of Red Mountain Foods.  Different vendors set up week to week but expect to see fresh bread, fresh eggs, homemade goat cheese and a variety of other locally sourced foods.  Nearly always there is:+Paul the baker.  Paul brings several kinds of homemade fresh bread.  He is a favorite at the market and sells out first.  +Harry and Kathy bring fresh eggs, jellies, pickled things, fresh hummus and veggies in season.  Kathy also has Guatemalan jewelry reasonably priced for sale.  Coming soon is homemade flan. +Doug raises quail for eggs and has fresh quail eggs every week.  He also has homemade dog treats. His wife makes Raggedy Ann dolls and you can order one from him.  +NO LESIA FOR A WHILE AS SHE HAS KIDS DROPPING.  Lesia has goats and makes a variety of goat cheeses and quark.  She sometimes has fresh goat milk and of course goats for sale.  +Sandi is the pie lady. She brings pies and other bake goods and also sells out fast. +Some weeks the tamale ladies are there around lunch time with fresh, hot tamales, fresh tortillas and fresh salsas.  The rock guy come sometimes with interesting stuff. +The pottery woman has beautiful mugs and other house goods. Mondo Farms comes depending on growing and planting season.  It’s always a collaborative atmosphere with the vendors and there’s good thing to smell and eat.  Come support your local vendors and shop At Red Mountain Foods.For more info contact Kathy Dotson at