Expanded Musical Entertainment at Patagonia Fall Festival

The Patagonia Fall Festival calls itself a “celebration of music and art”, and music will really earn its top billing with this year’s expanded entertainment program.

The Santa Cruz Foundation for the Performing Arts (SCFPA), based in Patagonia, is the sponsor of the music performances this year, and they are donating their “Concert Haul,” a custom-made professional stage on wheels, to be part of the overall festival music scene. The “Concert Haul” hit the road in 2014, delivering top-notch classical music to rural and urban outdoor locations around Santa Cruz County.

“Music really knits the Festival together for our visitors,” says Festival Manager Bonnie Maclean. “Music is the heartbeat of each day’s activities, sometimes concert style and sometimes more interactive, with the audience expressing itself in a variety of ways. In the end, it’s delightful free entertainment you can’t find anywhere else.”

Most performances at the festival will waft from the acoustically ingenious “Concert Haul”, with other performances staged in the traditional gazebo in the center of the festival grounds, creating an entirely new listening experience for festival guests.  As one aficionado said, “The Patagonia Fall Festival is unique –young or old, there is never nothing to do.”

The SCFPA is a private, non-profit foundation dedicated to presenting the Santa Cruz River Valley with new and exciting ways of experiencing the performing arts: theater, dance, music, opera and poetry.  By providing unique ongoing performing arts education opportunities such as concerts, workshops, music camps, master classes, and lessons in listening, they are expanding the community of performing arts enthusiasts and nurturing performing arts appreciation for future generations.

The entertainment for the 2016 Patagonia Fall Festival can best be described as “eclectic,” ranging from rock and roll to classical to blues, Latin jazz and light opera.