Deep Dirt Farm Institute, LLC

The Institute is located at Deep Dirt Farm, which comprises 34 acres with deep agricultural soils, bisected by an ephemeral stream/wildlife corridor. The farm lies within a folded topography of hills, small sheltered valleys & broad meadow.

Kate Tirion: I design for long-term viability by creating beautiful places that feed, nurture, invite, and give back: to us, to the soil, the water, the air, and the wild. My work is the vehicle through which I empower and support individuals, groups, neighbors and communities that are interested in creating resilience and self-sufficiency.


Integrated Food Systems: If you or your community is in need of:

  • A local food-growing source

  • A community or school garden, or

  • An appropriately-scaled farm designed as an ecologically integrated system

I am interested in helping you.

Site Assessment: If you have a site that you intend to develop, I can help you by maximizing its potential through assessing:

  • The natural influences that affect site, such as solar, climate and weather pattenrns, surface water and rainfall, site aspect, natural hazards, and soils.

  • The site’s constraints as well as its resources.

  • How to save money by thoughtful land planning and appropriate siting of buildings and roads, using design in such a way that maximizes available energy while minimizing expenditures and effort over time.

Sustainability Education is a key aspect of my work. I inspire others toward sustainability through workshops and public presentations.

By learning and doing, we discover how to create new and resilient models that regenerate themselves and also sustain us over time. Our strength lies in our interconnecteness: with each other and the place in which we live. Together, we can develop a myriad of sustainable systems. The more pieces we create, the more whole the landscape, and the more resilient we become.

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