Deep Dirt Farm Institute, LLC

The Institute is located at Deep Dirt Farm, which comprises 34 acres with deep agricultural soils, bisected by an ephemeral stream/wildlife corridor. The farm lies within a folded topography of hills, small sheltered valleys & broad meadow. Kate Tirion: I design for long-term viability by creating beautiful places that feed, […]

Borderlands Restoration

Borderlands Restoration, L3c and Borderlands Habitat 501 3c are conservation organizations located in Patagonia. Borderland’s approach to ecological restoration: collaborate with others to return natural processes and restore habitat in an effort to create an environment for people and all living things to reconnect and thrive. Projects span the length of […]

San Rafael Valley Grass-Fed Beef

100% GRASS-FED Angus-Hereford Beef NO Hormones – NO Antibiotics – NO Feed Lot 100% Grass-Fed is Naturally 100% Organic Cattle live their whole lives in the magnificent San Rafael Valley.   Free Range – Pristine Water – Native Arizona Grasses – Humanely Harvested – Conservation Stewardship 4th Generation Rancher – […]

Patagonia Butterfly Garden

World renown by birding enthusiasts, Patagonia also attracts hundreds of colorful butterfly species which migrate through the area during the warmer months. Built with generous donations from local citizens and organizations, the Patagonia Butterfly Garden, located on the south side of the Town Park, is a haven for these beautiful […]