Canelo Cowboy Church

May 19 – –  7am—-  Ranch Family Fun Day – Canelo Cowboy Church  – kids pull ribbons off goats & ride sheep.  If you don’t have a horse & want to ride barrels, someone will lead you through.  This really is a fun family event.  cb.  Every 3rd Sunday of the month we meet at the church arena located at mile post marker 24 on Highway 83 for Ranch Family Fun Day. It’s a day full of Rodeo fun for the whole family, and you do not have to pay anything if you want to participate in the events. Sign-up for barrels, poles, chute dogging and Breakaway by 9:30. All other events please be signed up by 7:45. Lunch along with a quick sermon will be around noon. Lunch costs nothing, but if you want to donate towards the cause, feel free! Age Groups 6 and under, 5-6, 7-10, 11-14, 15-29, 30 and up.  There is info on the website and pictures on the Facebook page.